Build a decentralized site that lasts forever.

Easily build distributed websites, without experience, using the all-new and decentralized dweb:// protocol. No hosting required. Welcome to the server-less web!
** dPress is and always will be free.
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What Is A dCMS?

dPress brings to life the distributed web's first "Distributed content management system", otherwise known as a dCMS. On the regular web, open source solutions like Wordpress, lead the way in the CMS category. dPress aims to allow users on the distributed web to create blogs, with custom themes and plugins, similar to Wordpress. The only difference is, you don't need hosting and you'll never be censored or taken offline, unless you want to be.

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    Easily select a theme and go distributed! Anyone can do it, it's easy.

    Choose from one of our three initial themes: Black, Nano or Starter and dBrowser will make a copy of the site locally in your browser's repository. Just like you can with Wordpress, you can easily start adding pages and posts to your dSite. It's truly that simple.

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    With dPress, you can make it yours, because it is yours, forever.

    Since dPress is open source, you can easily fork any part of dPress, including the dPress editor, add custom node modules and make custom solutions like nothing else on the distributed web!

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We don't need your information, you simply start building.

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